Failing my mission

l didn’t resist long enough to overcome the human gang. I know I’ll be considered a defector. I should have stood my ground: removed the tube from the first aggressor’s hand, kicked him in the belly—it’s a weak point—grappled his arms, and punched him in the groin. Alas, I didn’t do any of that!

The Power of the virtual

The main difference between the virtual and the real is our perception. We may call someone on the phone and listen to them describe a trip they made. The description may be very vibrant and visual to the point of feeling we’re there, but all the while, we don’t lose touch with the fact that we’re sitting in our living room. The virtual is not just about connecting with someone from afar or being separated by a physical distance and connected via sound waves or images transported online. The virtual I’m talking about here will replace reality. It’ll be done on a perception level at first but will eventually develop into on a physical level.

Do stories age with time?

Stories come with a precise time and date tag on them. Yes, they can be timeless, as they are creative products. They are like fashion in some way because we write them at a certain moment in our personal history and the history of the world around us. That anchor in time and space gives them a certain validity.

The human brain between evolution and science-fiction 1- Science for science-fiction

Introduction I do a lot of research for my writing and because some topics fascinate me. I have a basis in science through formal education. Most of it got a little rusty over time, but it provides a decent foundation that helps me grasp scientific concepts. A science-fiction writer is not a scientist. They might …

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