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I have had blogging on my mind ever since I had my first desktop, back in the day. Throughout the years, I have been an active blog reader on and off. My major blogging window now is WordPress. I had tried a couple of times to have a blog there but then I didn’t have a solid three-dimensional plan, still hasn’t but I have a goal now.

I would like to express my writer self in a less formal way, connect to the world and have a home online.

Here, I will talk about my writing journey, its complications and its achievements, my characters, my books, how they interconnect with life, books I read, movies and videos I watch and people I meet.

Now, what kind of stories am I going to talk about?

For now, I will stick to my science-fiction stories. Yes, that means that I have other genres, but I’m not going to explore them here. Not yet, anyway. Some of my stories have a dystopian nature, others pose questions about how our lives are affected by technology in ways we might not be prepared for. I would like, though, to say that my stories are not depicted in black and white, I like to explore all nuances and I think that real life transpires these nuances.

So if you’re into science-fiction, dystopia and some deep questions on humanity, then stick around.

I am also going to talk about my characters. How they come to life, what are their aspirations, struggles and goals. I’ll talk about some of the inspiration behind them, how they would start from something I heard or read, a person I conversed with, something I witnessed or even a mishmash of a human pulp that had been brewing in my head.

I am going to talk about settings that inspired my stories. I talk pictures of places. My visual recording has shifted throughout the years and I definitely think of writing when I take pictures now, either as an inspiration or as a photo for a cover.

I am also going to talk about science and fiction, whether it’s about one or the other or both.

I also plan to share excerpts, deleted scenes and short stories, as special bonuses published on the blog for a certain period of time.

I think it’s safe to presume that the initial plan for this blog is open to change and develop as this blog takes a more mature form.

So, I’m pretty excited to launch it and to warmly welcome all readers.

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