The Power of the virtual

The main difference between the virtual and the real is our perception. We may call someone on the phone and listen to them describe a trip they made. The description may be very vibrant and visual to the point of feeling we’re there, but all the while, we don’t lose touch with the fact that we’re sitting in our living room. The virtual is not just about connecting with someone from afar or being separated by a physical distance and connected via sound waves or images transported online. The virtual I’m talking about here will replace reality. It’ll be done on a perception level at first but will eventually develop into on a physical level.

9 reasons why some people hate dystopias

Last week, I was listening to Books and Authors podcast and one of the co-hostesses mentioned 1984 by George Orwell. She was saying that she didn’t like dystopias but that Orwell’s 1984 was read, back in the day, as a literary fiction, which is true. Although the term ‘dystopia’ was coined by John Stuart Mill in 1868, it became vastly used only in the past few decades.

So why people don’t like dystopias?